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About Wedding Venue Planner

The Wedding Venue Planner is the only online planning solution designed by wedding planners that allows your team,
managers, suppliers and the wedding couple, to share and update a single online wedding plan, in real-time.

Software screenshot showing easy of allocation and adjustment

Wedding Venue Planner
can be tailored to:

• Your Venue

• Your Team

• Your Suppliers

• Each Couple’s Wedding Plan

This means that every aspect can be accurately captured and communicated, nothing is left to chance – from timelines, seating plans, supplier arrangements, menu choices, guest lists, travel arrangements and more.


Software screenshot showing easy of allocation and adjustment

Having a real-time
single view

• Streamlines planning

• Improves communication

• Allows even a new member of the team to check the status for an incoming query or make an update easily.

• Gives access to details out of hours, up to date with the latest information
- including the wedding party.

• Reduces stress

With easy-to-use confirmation tools, and tailored features, Wedding Venue Planner keeps everyone involved throughout the planning stages, right through to the big day and beyond.